The label was build in 2014 from the wish to support a special style in Techno/Minimal Techno and to give these artists a home and place to present their art to a bigger audience.

fORcE SENsE is a digital label in first, cause gives the best options to support a track and artist.

All money goes direct into sound, equipment and advertising of the releases. This way the most money is adressed to the artists and not on a publishing medium that does not even have the best sound anyway. 

Real artists with creations straight from their hearts, sold via the most popular stores like beatport, iTunes, djTunes, whatpeopleplay and any other relevant store.




send your Tracks:

- Techno / Minimal Techno only

- only finished works

- please send mp3/320kBit only

- downloadable Soundcloud or Dropbox links only
- send to :


fORcE SENsE OffiCE Hamburg


+49 040 84052533+49 040 84052533

or use the form on the right.

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